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POSTED MAY 21, 2021   |   
Favour Chisimdi Nwobodo

CEO at Empress Linguistics Services

Founder at Save African Children Initiative


So, how many languages do you speak? Our next queen, Favour Chisimdi Nwobodo, speaks 11 of them! Imagine being able to flip from 11 languages seamlessly.

Let us list them for you because we want to make sure that you are as impressed as we are.

1. Korean
2. Spanish
3. Shona
4. Swahili
5. Indonesian
6. Filipino
7. French
8. Chinese
9. German
10. English
11. Igbo

She founded Empress Linguistics Services where she helps businesses gain access to international markets by making sure their messages are well conceived and received in foreign markets.

Chisimdi is also the founder of Save African Children Initiative an organization set out to help the less privileged in Africa. The organization has been able to assist 300 children so far.

Alright Chisimdi, the floor is yours!

Please provide us with your name(s)

Favour Chisimdi Emerald Nwobodo

Where are you from?

I'm from Enugu state, Nigeria.

Tell us about you (background info)?

I’m Chisimdi and I'm someone that believes in making the world a better place and I work on that with my initiative, Save African Children Initiative. With this initiative, I've reached out to the less privileged in the state.

I'm also the CEO/Founder of Empress Linguistics Services, a linguistics service aimed at proffering linguistics solutions to businesses, technology and all sectors at large.

I'm the first of 3 children and a student at the University of Nigeria.

I also work as a copywriter and content creator for top brands/companies in Nigeria.

Why are you starting this business?

Looking at the world economy, I found out some slight deviation and after some research, I found out that the cause of this was the linguistics barrier.

Linguistics barriers have been the problems of many businesses as some can't reach out to various clients, some can't do transactions, and some get scammed.

Seeing all these, I founded Empress Linguistics Services, to be a linguistics solution to linguistics needs.

Please provide us with some information about your business. (description, business model, etc.)

Empress Linguistics Services is a service aimed at helping international traders/entrepreneurs do businesses easily and faster (digitally) using the peer-to-peer method, or the third-party method. Here businessmen and women as well as entrepreneurs do their business and work with ease without fear of scams or breaches caused by Linguistics barriers.

We are here to solve Linguistics problems digitally and help traders do their business and thus increase their profits.

Some of our services are:

• Translation services
• Interpretation services
• Proof reading services
• Tutorial services
• Transcription services
• Brand translation services
• Advertisement in various language services
• Assistance on business trips services
• And others

What stage are you in right now?

Currently, we are at the development stage.

What are you looking for at this stage for your business?

At this stage, we are currently looking for investors.

What do you want us to remember about you?

That I'm a young lady that works very hard despite any situations and conditions.

Where can we find you (social media)?

Facebook: Favy Chisimdi

Instagram: Favybusonma

Linkedin: Favour Chisimdi Nwobodo

Twitter: DatLingual