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POSTED JUNE 18, 2021   |   
Aurelia Peart

Founder & Executive Director at The African Diaspora Group


Some individuals need a 5 minute daily standing ovation for what they're trying to accomplish. Aurelia Peart deserves that. This wonderful human being founded a charity to help the African diaspora buy land and homes in Africa. Think about this for a second, we're talking about the most displaced ethnic group ever. How big is Aurelia's vision? Let's look at the numbers.

Below is a list of the countries with the largest African diaspora:

1. Brazil - 55.9 million
2. USA - 46.4 million
3. Haiti - 10.1 million
4. Dominican Republic - 9.2 million
5. Colombia - 4.9 million
6. France - 3.8 million
7. Venezuela - 3.2 million
8. Jamaica - 2.8 million
9. United Kingdom - 2.5 million
10. Mexico 1.4 million


Can you imagine the impact Aurelia's initiative could have on the African continent?

Alright Aurelia, the floor is yours!

Please provide us with your name(s)

Aurelia Peart.

Where are you from?

Florida, USA.

Tell us about you (background info)?

Aurelia Peart is a licensed REALTOR® and Certified International Property Specialist. Her background in residential sales and investment coupled with her extensive travel experiences around the world offers her a unique perspective and understanding of real estate markets globally.

Aurelia specializes in connecting global buyers to land and homes on the African continent. She is the Founder of OneAfrica Properties, an international real estate marketplace that connects global buyers to real estate on the African continent, and is the Founder of The African Diaspora Group, a non-profit organization that provides consultancy and resources for members in the diaspora who are looking to relocate, own land or property, or do business in Africa.

Why are you starting this business?

To serve the longstanding need of global buyers in the diaspora and beyond being able to safely purchase land and homes in Africa, along with scheduling consultations and services to take place on the ground without having to physically be there in person. Aurelia identifies as an African in the diaspora, and has spent her lifetime searching for her roots and identity that was stripped away due to the Transatlantic slave trade. The diaspora consists of over 140 million displaced Africans, scattered across over 4 continents. The call to return has intensified over the past couple of years, and we look forward to serving the needs of those who are seeking to return, and need the proper tools and network in order to do so successfully. We are the bridge connecting the diaspora to their roots.

Please provide us with some information about your business. (description, business model, etc.)

The African Diaspora Group ecosystem is comprised of a non-profit division, and a real estate division.

The African Diaspora Group, Inc is a charity with a mission of unifying and mobilizing the African diaspora, and providing education and resources for members who are seeking to relocate, do business, own property, or invest in African countries. To do this, ADG has built a network of the top professionals across Africa, which members can tap into in order to schedule consultations and local on the ground services. All services are bookable online, and services are fulfilled by our local network of partners in Africa. Revenue is generated from annual membership fees, store sales, services, sightseeing tours, and donations.

OneAfrica Properties is the real estate division, and introduces Africa’s first real estate marketplace, dedicated solely to the marketing and sales of real estate on the African continent. We work with the most reputable real estate developers and agents in Africa, to source vetted, genuine land and properties for our audience of primarily global buyers. We provide education and resources from our network of vendors to ensure a smooth transaction. As our primary audience consists of international buyers, we facilitate both virtual and in-person showings and settlements. OneAfrica Properties is a PropTech company, generating its revenue from sales commissions and partnerships with mortgage lending institutions.

What stage are you in right now?

We have launched both companies, and are gaining momentum (have active members and clients working with us to obtain services).

What are you looking for at this stage for your business?

We are looking to expand our network of reputable real estate agencies, developers, attorneys, mortgage lenders, surveyors, property valuers, builders, relocation consultants into more markets across Africa.

We are active in Ghana, Nigeria, The Gambia, South Africa, and are looking to duplicate this model in 3 additional markets by building a local team headed by a lead agent for that region, who will oversee new partnerships.

We are looking for seed funding to undertake website enhancements, hire support staff, and expand into new markets.

What do you want us to remember about you?

I am passionate about Africa, and am committed to contributing to its growth and prosperity. To do so, we need to bridge the gap between continental Africans, and Africans in the diaspora, to serve longstanding needs on the continent together, with the same visions in mind. For me, this is my passion and personal mission in life, and I am honored to be walking on the path to purpose.

Where can we find you (social media)?