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Co-Founder & Chief Medical Officer at Fetolife


I’m so proud of our team at Waxdale. I’m proud because we’re bold and unwilling to settle. We live in a world where women have been the best performing individuals ever! It is not even close! I wanted to pursue the Waxd’Elle idea because it made sense and I wanted the team to have a leader who cares about creating a system where EVERY entrepreneur can succeed and have an equal opportunity to be heard. Women are the best entrepreneurs out there and they will continue to be.

Today, I’d like to present to you Dr. Allessandra Aisha Tramontana. She is the first founder to be profiled on Waxd’Elle! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read her answers to our questions. What an amazing entrepreneur.

Alright Allessandra, the floor is yours!

Please provide us with your name(s)?

Dr. Allessandra Aisha Tramontana, MSc

Where are you from?

Vienna, Austria

Tell us about you (background info)?

I'm Aisha, co-founder and Chief Medical Officer of FetoLife. I’m an obstetrics and gynecology (OBGYN) doctor and specialist for maternal-fetal medicine certified by the Fetal Medicine Foundation (FMF). In addition, I hold a Master of Science in medical genetics. I obtained my medical degree at the Medical University of Vienna, one of the top-level research institutions in Europe, and published several scientific papers regarding prenatal care of high-risk pregnancies with adverse pregnancy complications.

I believe every pregnant woman should experience pregnancy feeling the most self-confident way possible. Therefore, I am fully dedicated to empowering every mother to improve their own and their baby‘s health for the very best outcome.

Why are you starting this business?

FetoLife was founded to improve the lives of millions of pregnant women. In 2018 it started with a big vision – a modern one-stop-shop prenatal health solution for every pregnant woman easy to get and handy to use. This idea came from my career as an OBGYN, as I strongly felt the need of a new way of medical practice in women’s health. In so many years of working with my patients, I found it alarming how insecure and dependent women try to find their own way within the health system. Especially for pregnancy care, I experienced my patients to be lost in anonymity, asking for a more disposable, customized and personal medicine. At this time, I was finishing my master’s degree in genetics, when I first learned about personalized medicine, precise diagnostics and targeted therapy strategies based on a human’s unique DNA, and I was intrigued. So, I was hooked to transform prenatal health into a new way of personalized medicine to help women taking control of their pregnancy and getting the medical support they need.

Please provide us with some information about your business. (description, business model, etc.)

In 2020 it’s FetoLife with a big mission – offering personalized prenatal care, guidance and support for all pregnant women to be healthy in every stage of their pregnancy through the comfort of your smartphone. Through the convergence of data science, technology, and medical knowledge, pregnant women gain a unique understanding of their personal pregnancy health status. With remote tracking of key health vitals such as blood pressure, weight, glucose level, or fetal activity, we empower them to manage their individual pregnancy health and make smarter personalized care decisions. Using advanced analytics and intelligent algorithms, our app serves with optimized timing and high-quality of personalized information, guidance, and support to expand pregnancy management beyond into home.

At FetoLife, we create a new way of pregnancy health centered around pregnant women by leveraging new solutions, such as remote monitoring and artificial intelligence. Using a data-driven approach we analyze the personal health status to identify individual pregnancy risks and help to prevent complications. By profiling this health data, we aim to see the true and full picture of your pregnancy to better evaluate trends and observe unhealthy changes that allow for more precise prenatal care and facility to address issues or concerns in real-time. Our algorithm of personalized prenatal healthcare will ultimately lead to better chart a path towards healthier outcomes for pregnant women and their babies — we're creating the research that we wished for when we started.

What are you looking for at this stage for your business? What do you want us to remember about you?

FetoLife is launching very soon, please join our waitlist and follow us on social media. I truly appreciate your interest and support and look forward to having you enjoying your pregnancy experience with our app.

We want to make a difference –

for all pregnant women in any place

by high-quality digital health tracking in any situation

to offer risk-specific prenatal care and individual medical support at any time

Where can we find you (social media)?