POSTED MAY 28, 2021   |   
Jean Agenor

Founder & CEO at Waxdale Ecosystem

We are going to launch an accelerator program for women through Waxd’Elle. In the following essay, I will clearly state why it is so important for Waxdale to do this. Before I do, let me tell you about three women who have changed my life, I’ll be brief, but it is important to understand where I come from and why I’m pressuring our company to get this done.

The first woman I’ll talk to you about is my mother, she immigrated by herself in Canada from Haiti 32 years ago without my father. She worked three jobs to make sure everything was ready for our arrival. Yes, she left us (3 kids) in Haiti while she was working three jobs in a country she didn’t know anything about. I can only imagine the pain she was in. About 10 months later it was our turn to immigrate, she raised us by herself for 6 years until my father was finally allowed to immigrate to Canada. I’m telling you this for a reason, when I was 19, I was making $19 an hour working as a kitchen helper in a retirement home. I used my money to buy clothing and sneakers and one day I found my mother’s pay stub. She was making $10 an hour…it was the saddest day of my life. It should not have a come as a surprise because she was a factory worker, but my heart was shattered. I always wondered what her life could have been if she had had better opportunities.

Reason 1: Provide women with another pathway to unbelievable success.

The second woman I’m going to talk about is my sister. Having lived her fair share of trauma, my sister is the strongest person I know. She raised 4 kids by herself, bought a house by herself, and overcame many adversities. My brother and I could have never gone through so many hardships and still stand. My sister and I are very similar and have the same go-getter mentality, the difference between her and I is that I didn’t have to leave home at 18, I didn’t have kids that I needed to worry about while I was attending university. I was free to dream and accomplish myself. She always had the best business ideas, but was unable to pursue any of them, because she had to focus on her kids.

Reason 2: Provide women with a flexible accelerator that take into account their personal realities.

Last but not least, let me talk about my wife. This woman became a lawyer and accepted every challenge the program threw at her from having to move to another province to pursue her studies to being overlooked for internships. She kept on working harder and harder, she did it her way and was successful. She took over everything while I was building Waxdale and rarely complained, she took care of our two boys, studied for an MBA, and launched a successful coffee shop. How is this not the skill set you’re looking for in a founder?

Reason 3: Having more women founders would drastically increase the number of successful companies.

Now that you know my personal reasons why a Waxd’Elle accelerator makes sense, let’s see how I’d like it to be structured.

1. 15 to 30 startups per batch to start.
2. 8% equity stake per startup in exchange for $100 k USD.
3. Open-ended accelerator fund.
4. Amount to be raised at the lower end should be $1.5 m USD.
5. The structure would be 4 months with 3 speakers per week during the entire program.
6. We need 48 speakers.
7. The program will start as soon as we have the 48 speakers.
8. If the funds are not raised by the start, we will focus on giving the entrepreneurs access to the best network there is.

If you’re interested in being one of the 48 speakers, please reach out to us at:

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